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Shramek's Video Productions

4220 S. 33rd Suite D  Lincoln, NE  68506

402-475-2767​​   or   402-217-1968

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Do your Own Editing

Let Shramek's show you how

Video Tapes - Memory Cards -
Old Movie Film - Slides - Photographs

​We can transfer almost anything to a

Flash Drive

When it's on a Flash Drive you can
 do your own editing.

Shramek's will  show you how to get started.

We will give you instructional tutorials

for the exact program that is

probably already on your computer

After all what good are all of those

old Videos Tapes, Films, Slides and Pictures

if they're just being stored away and

you never look at them because

they are so unorganized.

If you have a newer computer you probably

already have the necessary programs.

You have paid a lot of money for all of that stuff,

isn't it time to get it organized and

begin enjoying it?

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Studio Hours

Weekdays 9 AM to 6 PM  -- Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM -- Sundays closed


Video Tape to DVD or Flash Drive
Besides converting your tapes to a
user friendly codec, we will unravel the mystery of all this technical talk and make sure you are able to do what you want to do.
We will answer your questions and even email you links to
instructional videos that will show you how to operate the exact programs you probably already have on your computer.

What good are they now if you can't or just don't watch them

because they are so unorganized.

Let Shramek's help., Stop by or give us call. 


Any Event Professionally Captured on Video

​DVD, Blu-ray, Flash Drive

Multiple HD Cameras

Weddings, Seminars, Business meetings,
Funerals, Occurrences, Happenings, Proceedings, Incidents, Affairs, Circumstances, Occasions,
 Functions, Gatherings, Bashes.
Tired of answering machines!
Call us, we always answer our phones during normal business hours.
8mm and 16mm Film
$7.50 per 50 feet

Same as $ .15 per film foot

Sound or Silent

Sound film add $ .05 per film foot

  Slides and Photographs

$ 1.59 each (Slideshow)

​$  .99 each (jpegs)

Each slide or photograph 

is scanned using

Digital ICE Technology.